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A virtual machine with Sanger pathogens software installed

A virtual machine made by the Pathogen Informatics team of the Sanger Institute, which includes the following software developed by the Pathogens group.

The virtual machine is based on Bio-Linux, and so it also includes all the software that comes with Bio-Linux.

How to get and use the virtual machine

  1. Install VirtualBox on your computer.
  2. Download the latest virtual machine or browse the directory of older versions.
  3. Start VirtualBox and choose File -> Import Appliance from the menu
  4. Choose the downloaded OVA file from step 2 and click 'Continue'.
  5. Click on import and wait for VirtualBox to import the virtual machine.
  6. Start the virtual machine.

The password for the default user 'manager' is 'manager'.


For any feedback, questions or help, please email path-help AT sanger DOT ac DOT uk.

For developers - how to build a new virtual machine

There are instructions in the README of the pathogens-vm github repository.