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Iterative Virus Assembler

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IVA is a de novo assembler designed to assemble virus genomes that have no repeat sequences, using Illumina read pairs sequenced from mixed populations at extremely high and variable depth.

For more information, please read the IVA publication (open access).

Installation instructions are below. For usage help and examples, see the IVA wiki page.


IVA was developed for and intended to be run on Linux. It has also been run successfully on OS X. If you have a Windows machine (or even Linux or a Mac) then you can run IVA using a virtual machine with VirtualBox.

General installation instructions for Linux/OS X are below. You may also find it useful to read detailed instructions for Ubuntu.

Required dependencies

The following are required to install IVA and use it to run an assembly.

The recommended versions are: kmc version 2.1.1, MUMmer version 3.23, samtools version 0.1.19 or greater, and SMALT version 0.7.6.

Install IVA

Once you have installed the dependencies, install IVA with

pip3 install iva

The installation can be tested by running an assembly using test data included with IVA.


IVA can be run in a Docker container. First install Docker, then install IVA:

docker pull sangerpathogens/iva

To use it you would use a command such as this (substituting in your directories), where your files are assumed to be stored in /home/ubuntu/data:

docker run --rm -it -v /home/ubuntu/data:/data sangerpathogens/iva iva -f /data/reads_fwd.fastq -r /data/reads_rev.fastq /data/Output_directory

The image includes all required and optional dependencies for IVA. To run IVA with trimmomatic, you also need to specify the path to the trimmomatic jar file, which is available at /Trimmomatic-0.38/trimmomatic-0.38.jar:

docker run --rm -it -v /home/ubuntu/data:/data sangerpathogens/iva iva --trimmomatic /Trimmomatic-0.38/trimmomatic-0.38.jar -f /data/reads_fwd.fastq -r /data/reads_rev.fastq /data/Output_directory

Optional dependencies

The following dependencies only apply to the QC scripts of IVA and are not needed to run an assembly. Only install them if you want to run the scripts iva_qc or iva_qc_make_db.

The QC code is also bundled with the following (they do not need to be installed).


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